Swanky Sugar professional esthetics services including hair removal, sugaring, facials, and skin care in Ocean Beach - San Diego, CA

​V-Steam: $45

Vaginal Steaming is an ancient herbal medicinal practice that women all over the world have been using to heal themselves. Steaming facilitates balance, health, vitality, fertility, circulation, and cleanliness for the entire Yoni and pelvic region. From cramps to fibroids, steaming is a natural solution for women's womb troubles. Consult with one of our Vaginal Steam Facilitators to see how you may benefit from regular steaming. 10-30 minutes.

​V-cial: $45

Avoid taking matters into your own hands, and allow your Esthetician to safely treat your inflicted follicles. Treatments start with gentle and sterile removal of ingrown hairs, followed by a high frequency current which will kill bacteria living on and under the surface of your skin, finished with a custom Hydrojelly mask and serum. Add this treatment to every sugaring service to soothe the skin and prevent issues from arising, or throw one in periodically if you notice your skin struggling. 20 minutes. 

​Yoni Spa day: $150

Maintenance: $140

Take your Yoni to the spa for the full trifecta of front-to-back feminine care. Treatment begins with a custom herbal V-Steam to soften the follicle and clear impurities from the inside out, followed by a quick and pristine Brazilian Sugaring treatment, and finished with a V-Cial for a follicular fine tuning to soothe your freshly pampered skin. 1 Hour.