Swanky Sugar professional esthetics services including hair removal, sugaring, facials, and skin care in Ocean Beach - San Diego, CA

Intimate Brightening

Popularly known as "anal bleaching", this all-natural lightening treatment is a quick, painless service that can be conveniently added to your sugaring appointment for an immediate effect. Bring your hyperpigmented skin back to it's brightest shade by receiving a mild exfoliation and rapid absorption of ingredients into the deepest layers of the skin where new skin cells are formed. Our formula contains a combination of natural plant extracts such as Licorice Root, Bearberry Root Extract, and Magnesium Ascorbic Phosphate (MAP) which are know for their safety and efficacy. Clients may require anywhere from 1 to 3 or more packages to achieve desired results. 
Booty Brightening Package: $100
One professional treatment + take home Lightening Gel for Sensitive Areas.

Instant Results Booty Brightening Package: $150
One professional treatment + take home 3-step Instant Results system for accelerated results. 

Underarm Package: $80
 One professional treatment + take home Roll On lightener w/built in natural deodorant.
Body Package: $110
One professional treatment + take home Skin Lightening Body Milk.
Choose your area: inner thighs, knees, elbows, or anywhere you like.

First one is included in package, add $30 per additional area.