Frequently asked questions

Q. What IS sugaring?
A. Sugaring is an Ancient Egyptian method of hair removal that is gaining popularity in the United States as a luxury alternative to waxing. Sometimes called sugar waxing,  sugaring is a gentle, effective and all-natural solution to unwanted hair. Sugar paste is made from just 3 ingredients (sugar, lemon juice and water) and contains no additives or resins. There are no sticks or strips. It is applied and removed via a professional hand technique that takes time and dedication to master.

Q. Does sugaring hurt?

A. We're pulling out hair from the root so you can expect some discomfort, however most people find it less painful than waxing. Plus, with regular sugaring appointments, your hair grows back thinner and lighter. It also results in permanent hair reduction for many people. Less hair means less discomfort!

Q. How is sugaring different than waxing?

A. Refer to the handy chart below, but in a nutshell, there are three main differences:

  1. The sugar isn't hot so there's no risk of burning (and your skin won't be bright red like after you get waxed!).
  2. Sugar paste doesn't stick to live skin cells - just the hair and dead skin cells - which means less irritation. There's no chance of losing a layer of skin like with waxing!
  3. The sugaring technique removes hair in the natural direction it grows. Waxing removes hair against the growth which is more traumatizing for skin.

Q. How long does my hair have to be to get sugared?
A.  Length of hair should be approximately 1/4" or longer. If you've been shaving, 2-3 weeks of growth is usually sufficient (4+ for legs), but the more the merrier. If you've been waxing or sugaring, you'll want to wait 4-6 weeks in between your appointments without shaving.

Q. What's the difference between a Bikini and a Brazilian service? 
A. See below for a diagram to help you decide how much hair you want down there. The pink shaded area is where hair is removed. 

​​Q. Do you offer Brazilians for men?
A. At this time we only offer Brazilian hair removal for our female clients.

Q. How should I prepare for my sugaring appointment?

A. Exfoliate to remove dead skin cells. The day of your appointment skin should be clean and dry, no lotion or oil. You may take an anti-inflammatory/pain reliever of your choice, and caffeine should be avoided.

Q. What should I do after my sugaring appointment?

A. Exfoliate and moisturize, but do not apply deodorant, makeup, or body lotions for 12 hours following treatment. Also, avoid tanning or sun exposure 24 hours before and after treatment. 

Q. Can I get sugared if I have sensitive skin? 

A. Absolutely! Our clients swear it's the only hair removal method they'll ever use again. If waxing, shaving, and depilatory creams do not work for your sensitive skin, try sugaring.

Q. Do you offer brow tinting as well as eyebrow sugaring?

A. Yes! You can get perfectly shaped and tinted brows from any of our talented Sugaristas.

Q. Can I get sugared if I have a tattoo? 

A.  Yes! Regular sugaring afterwards will remove dead skin cells, and keep your ink looking its best. Planning to get a tattoo? Come see us first and give your tattoo artist a smooth, hair-free canvas.

Q. Why should I choose Swanky Sugar for my hair removal needs?
A. Because we provide perfect hair removal quickly in a fun and friendly spa! Get the BEST Brazilian of your life while we distract you from the process with our witty banter and amusing antics. Book your next appointment now!

If you have any other questions just let us know!

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